Oliver Sepsik


About me

Hi, I'm Oliver! I'm an 18 years old web developer from Hungary. I create webpages, games and 3D stuff for web browsers! When I'm not coding I like traveling, exploring and experiencing new things. My main goal is simple... to create the impossible. My passion for programming started 5 years ago and I've yet to encounter one single idea, that is impossible to make.

My skills

I provide

Websites that load fast
I don't use unnecessary frameworks or libraries, just simple code to create beautiful pages that load incredibly fast and are independent from third-party code or applications. Once your page is finished, it will be completely yours!

Cutting edge UI/UX design
I create user-friendly pages that are fully responsive.

Dreams coming to life
Have a wild idea for your page or app? Don't hold yourself back! Consult with me and we will be probably able to make it! Interactive backgrounds? 3D Diagrams? You name it, I make it!

Exceptional problem solving skills
Stuck on problem with your webpage? I always like a good challenge. Let me help you!

Want to learn from me?

That is entierly possible!

I do give private lessons over Discord or Skype, so distance shouldn't be an issue.
I will gladly tech you everything I know about web development (see my skills above).
I'll show you tricks and methods that very few people know about.

You don't need any previous knowledge to become a master in webdev! You can be an adult or even an elementary student (that's when I started), it doesn't matter.

If you got interested, contact me and we'll discuss the details!

My latest work

Check out some of the thing I've been working on lately!

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